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A spectacular low level aerobatic display for your special day. Give your guests something to remember with 7 minutes of loops, rolls, twists and tumbles with and without trailing smoke.

PLEASE note, for flight safety reasons it is not possible to fly over built up areas, but to be sure, it is worth just checking where you are thinking about: Here is the link: CONTACT ME  

Based in the west country, as they say - "Have plane will travel".

Essentially pretty much anything is possible, let's discuss Victory Rolls, Smoke, Loops and Inverted, Vertical Climbs and Dives - or an Avalanche..!

Or an ending with a KISS...

My Life In Flight
Flying History

Born and brought up in Dorset, flying has been a passion for as long as I can remember. I learnt to fly whilst still at school. After a full commercial career, retired gracefully in 2019.

Professional Flying

I qualified a with PPL back in 1978, and then went on to get my full Commercial licence 3 years later. My first paid job was in Scotland, around The Highlands and Islands. In 1986, back South, I was flying for Britannia (737) and then promoted to captain on 757 and 767.

IMG_6891 (1)_edited.jpg
Acrobatic History

Aerobatics has always been a passion. Starting out with the Tiger Club, I went on to compete with the Pitts Special. I now focus on events, with a more creative display, less regimented. This allows me to demonstrate the manoeuvres with more freedom and excitement for the audience.

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